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Welcome to the online home of the Know Now Guide. Since you’re visiting this site, it is likely you or a loved one has a suspected brain tumor and might face surgery within the coming days or weeks. It is important to understand that no one is ever prepared to receive this news. But if you’re here now, you’ve taken an essential first step. You’ve started looking for answers to help you understand what you’re facing. And you need to know what your options may be for treatment.

Given today’s technology, there are endless sources of information available to you. First and foremost, your treatment team will provide you with advice and guidance. The Know Now Guide is designed to complement that guidance and provide you with a place to start learning more—a place to help you find the answers you want to know now.

Here you’ll find an extensive list of resources and organizations that may be of assistance to you, as well as access to Know Now printed materials. Just click on Resources or Library to get started.